Sculptured Gem Trees of Life 


 Our creations: Pendulums, Jewellery, Cabochons, Pewter Sculptures and Bead work.

   We also offer on line workshops:  * Know your Animal Totem, * Basic Numerology, * Learn more on Crystals, Gems and Minerals.

   Each of our creations are done with love. Each and every pieces has a name and a unique touch. Many of our creations are one of a kind. 

 We love to do customized work. Please drop us a line so we can create something special for you .    

Visit us on Facebook as well -www.facebook.com/Natures.Free.Spirit

Email - natures-free-spirit@hotmail.com 





 Designs and Creations are exclusive Property of Natures-Free-Spirit  Registered ® 2019 & Copyright © 2019    R&B Thomson 

Registered ® 2019 & Copyright © 2019  R&B Thomson


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