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 Designs are exclusive propery of Natures-Free-Spirit  Copyright @ 2004-2014    Robert and Betty Thomson

Baby Bonsi

$ 34.00 USD

This is a baby bonsi. These trees are only available in large orders or for special occassions.  Price shown here  is for one customized tree. 
Price now has shipping included. 




Set of 12 Baby Bonsi

$ 130.00 USD

Sample of a set of 12 Baby Bonsi. Have a set customized for you. Bases vary. Price with shipping is 130.00


Baby Whipper

$ 42.00 USD

These treesare called Baby Whippers. These trees Shown here is a price for one at 42.00 with shipping.  . 



Set of 6 Baby Whipper

$ 130.00 USD

This is a Baby Whipper that would like to save 6 customized trees for a low price including shipping of 130.00. Bases vary 

Peridot Whipper

$ 85.95 USD

This is a Whipper.Can be made to your favorite gem. The price now includes shipping  This tree can be made to your favorite gem to name a few. Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Labadorite, just to name a few  

Shipping is included



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