Learn more on Stones

$ 15.00 USD

You pick the stones and I do the work You will receive for each stone a paper trail on. History on the stone. What is the healing for the stone. Is the stone good for your home, work, pets or children. Can you use it as a divination. Start by picking your favorite stones, Pick my Color. Pick as many stones as you want to learn Price per Stone 15.00 Workshop will start once payment is confirmed Order as many stones as you wish . Complete workshop will be sent via your private email

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$ 100.00 USD

You will be asked 7 questions to start your workshop Workshop will be send to your private email. Workshop takes approx 7 days to complete Price is per person. Workshop will start when payment is confirmed.

What Stones You Need in Your Life

$ 25.00 USD

This workshop we will have you answer 50 questions. We will be able to tell you what stones you will need in your life and how they can help you . Just in a few hours or a day. This workshop will be sent to you via Private email This workshop does not included stones. Stones can be purchased from me if stock is available Price per person Workshop starts when payment is confirmed


$ 75.00 USD

Your Zodiac - Your Crystal Full Birth-date Needed. Finished workshop is sent to private email. If you want hard copy shipping charges of 10.00 needs to be paid. Workshop takes approx 3-7 days to complete Price per person Workshop is started when payment is confirmed

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