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A Gift for Robert

$ 155.00 USD

This tree was created for my husband he has a rare illness called Transverse Myelittis. This tree is 10 inch high.We have a smaller tree as well at 8 inches high and the price for that one is $125.00. The trunk of these trees can be done in Gold, Silver, Copper, Black.  

Price  includes shipping  


$ 95.95 USD

This Tree is called: Friends. This tree has 2 4inch trees on one Base. This tree can be customized to your Stone colors and your Trunk colors. Base Varies. This tree shown here are the colors for Spinal Cord Injury  Let us create a tree for your Awareness. 
Shipping is included

There is HOPE on the other Side with Tears

$ 301.00 USD


This tree is Called: There is HOPE on the other side with Tears. This Tree has Sodalite stones on this tree. Shipping is included


$ 59.95 USD

This is a sample picture  
I have HOPE.  This tree is approx 8 inches from Base to tip This tree is made with Crystals  
Price on this tree is 
SHipping is included 

Fight Within - Never Give UP

$ 75.99 USD

Fight Within  

This unique tree was created with my husband in Mind. After 12 years fighting a rare disabling disease.  Still Today he fights to survive,  he fights to live, he fights to be here.   

A tree Created for any and all illness and diseases. For what you fight within. Will help you live and never give up   

Price includes Shipping



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