Welcome to Natures-Free-Spirit. We hope you will enjoy our website.  

 We are Lapidary Artists and Teachers. With over 30 years of experience. 


We do one of a Creations our speciality is our Gem Trees of Life.


We have over 50 different types of trees. Each one has its own Name. 


Most of our trees are customized to you .  We do have some that are ready to be shipped.


We mine our stones, cut, drill, polish and create. 

We also sell supplies for the ones that would like to create their own jewellery. 


 We would love to Rock your Dreams.

 Have a wedding coming up. Talk to us about how we could make your special day memorable. 

 We sell Retail and Wholesale.  




  email. natures-free-spirit@hotmail.com 

Designs are exclusive propery of Natures-Free-Spirit  Copyright @ 2004-2016    R & B  Thomson



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