My Name is Betty and I am the Artist Behind the Gem Tree Sculptures. 
 I am A Lapidary Teacher as well as a Stone Teacher.  
Over  30 years experience.   Our love of stones being out in the field collecting. Has lead us to create beautiful unique Gem Tree Sculptures .
  Each one of our creations  is from our heart and hands.    From our own imagination     

We are a small business.  A way for us to survive each day getting through the basic life.  We are not a big company.   

We do not have any employees.  There is just me and my fur Baby.   Doing what we love. Carrying on our love and our promise.     

  We will always bring  you something new and unique.          

The one thing we can promise you is that  our creations are unique. We love to   create something  customized to you. 
  If you have any questions please email us  

                Email: natures-free-spirit@hotmail.com 


    Designs and Creations are exclusive Property of Natures-Free-Spirit
               RegisteredĀ® 2021 & Copyright Ā© 2021  R&B Thomson




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